IPVanish Review

  • Lied about their logging policy
  • Company location: USA
  • Countries: 60+
  • Servers: 500+
  • IPs: 40,000+
  • Period 12 months: $ 6.49
  • Period 3 months: $ 8.99
  • Period 1 month: $ 10.00
US Servers175
US IPs10.000+
Company LocationUSA

Warning: IPVanish lied about their logging policies. You can read everything about it in this article. We do not recommend to use them anymore.

IPVanish is a global VPN service provider with offices throughout North America and Europe. Supported VPN protocols include OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP, in addition to IPSec and IKEv2. Dedicated clients are available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android (Ice Cream Sandwich and later). As a logless VPN provider, IPVanish does not record the time and duration of sessions, nor is user activity recorded. This was a lie. Bandwidth is unlimited and P2P traffic is allowed. Payments can be processed through PayPal, credit card, and Bitcoin, and new IPVanish accounts come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

One of the many reasons why users may seek a VPN service is to acquire a US IP address for access to services / websites that are exclusively available to users located in the US. If you are looking to unblock some of the most sought after services like Netflix and Hulu from your country of residence, then making use of a reliable VPN service is a good idea.

One of the most popular VPN services today is IPVanish. Read along to know about IPVanish’s service offerings.

Brief background of IPVanish

The VPN company was established in 2012 and is currently based in the United States, therefore your payment information will be processed in the United States. While there are currently no mandatory data retention laws applicable in the US, the government is notoriously known for subjecting VPNs and ISPs to hand over user data upon request. Fortunately, as one of the only self-owned and operated VPN providers on the planet, IPVanish has the ability to truly honor and enforce their logless privacy policy. This was a lie.

Despite being based in the US, IPVanish is still one of the world’s most beloved VPN services because it offers unprecedented speeds and numerous server selections.

Available IPVanish US Servers

Overall, IPVanish has 491 servers that are strategically located across the globe. Most of these servers are located in the United States. There is a total of 172 servers in the US alone. Below is a list of US servers:

  • Washington, DC- 16 servers
  • Atlanta – 16 servers
  • Chicago – 16 servers
  • Dallas – 14 servers
  • Las Vegas – 10 servers
  • Los Angeles – 17 servers
  • Miami – 16 servers
  • New York – 25 servers
  • Phoenix – 12 servers
  • San Jose – 15 servers
  • Seattle – 15 servers

Furthermore, there are more than 40,000+ shared IP addresses that are available to help users hide their actual IP address for anonymous web surfing.

Services / Websites accessible with IPVanish

Those trying to access Netflix can use IPVanish in order to bypass the geographic restrictions imposed by the famous streaming service. Users can also use the VPN’s unblock properties to access other streaming channels such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Video, HBO Now, and Hulu among others.

IPVanish provides some of the fastest VPN connections in the industry, so you shouldn’t have to worry about an HD quality video being ruined by buffering. If you are accessing a US-based service such as Netflix, then you should connect to the nearest server to your physical location to maximize your connection speed.

Any issues with its US servers?

In terms of issues, we didn’t experience any problems connecting to the US servers…or to any other server for that matter. Users can also switch from server to server as frequently as they want without incurring additional charges.

Since IPVanish has a massive amount of US IP addresses and servers at their disposal, you have many options to choose from to access US-based streaming services. We tested several US VPN servers and all were able to get access to many different services.

Conclusion: Is IPVanish a recommended US VPN service?

US-content lovers all over the world would totally benefit from using IPVanish to anonymize their video streaming habits. We would definitely recommend IPVanish to anyone who is looking to unblock US-based services and take control of their privacy online.

As IPVanish lied about their Logging Policy, we do not  recommend to use them.

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